About us

100 is an architecture studio that doesn’t do buildings (at least not in a conventional way). Instead, our practice focuses on public spaces and spaces for entertainment in all its typologies and variations.

We are a team of young creative architects and our work lies at the intersection of placemaking, street art, urban marketing and urban interventions.


We specialize in street architecture and urban interventions, architectural objects both ephemeral and permanent which encourage the occurrence of social dynamics and unique experiences, creating human scale landmarks.


100 was founded in 2013 in Shanghai, and is currently led by 3 partners – Marcial Jesus (Chile), Javier Gonzalez (Spain) and Jenny Fang (China) – establishing an international collaborative workshop based in Shanghai, China


About our projects and inspiration:

At 100, we believe that working in the public space is a privilege. We are driven by the passion of exploring the possibilities of the public spaces of tomorrow.


We possess a singular vision: we design architectural objects that attract people and encourage social interaction.


Our projects in public spaces seek to stimulate the user by providing colorful landscapes and intricate topographies that allow the user to interact in a much closer way with the objects and the space. It invites the user to jump, to sit, to climb, to lie down, and to take a selfie and much more.


Our projects are meant for public use, and invite the users to interact by offering instant functions and experiences, encouraging the production of social dynamics.









CEO 首席合伙人 / Founder 创始人

Marcial Jesus


+86 150 0004 5291

Partner 合伙人 / Director 总监

Javier González Rivero


+86 185 0170 7627

Partner 合伙人 / Studio Manager 工作室经理

Jenny Fan


+86 15821784329

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